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The Strac Fast System

From what I’ve read this can be used in airsoft.
Here’s a thorough review with pros and cons:

A little bulky, the space it occupies could be used for 6 mags in pouches, but then you’d have the con of slower reloading. but if you play shorter games or just conserve your ammunition that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re interested there’s one on sale on ebay:


Also, if you want the foregrip this might be the place to get one:


If you want to order a version (without logos) from the UK here’s one on ebay:
(made by G&P)

Got Married



Congrutilations! I wrote you a song to celebrate.


M4 Rear Sling mounts! (A.K.A Swivels)

If you want a sling mount at the dead rear center, you can replace your stock with one of these, turning your M4 into a CQB weapon.
Most M4s, if not all, come with some sort of sling mount included but they’re placed between the stock and the body or on the sides, none of the them dead center. (note there are more than plenty swivels to put in between your stock and the m4 body, this post is focusing on stock replacement only.)

They might be hard to find unless you know the precise keywords so here’s a collection of different dead center models.

5KU Tornado Swivel End Receiver Plate For M4/M16 AEG. $11
http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p21605/5KU-Metal-Tornado-Swivel-End-For-M4/M16-AEG-Series/product_info.html Found on a number of sites.
Instructions from some random page:
Install this part, you need to cut the pipe base left around 10mm.
Not sure this is a must. Try putting it on first before you start cutting pipe!
A Baby M4 model might not need any cutting at all.

M4 CQB Receiver End Cap (ics only) $29.99

JBU Airsoft Metal Sling End-Cap M4 / M16 AEGs $49

M4 Receiver Extension w/ Quick Detach Sling Swivel $?
Looks like a shorter version of the JBU one. Currently out of stock.

These are all the M4 dead center models I could find.
Don’t confuse the mp5 swivels with the M4 ones!

S&T Baby M4 AEG $132
G&P Baby Monster $250(ish)

The Baby Monster has custom internal parts so the economic choice would be to buy the S&T and then buy a foregrip and a Tank Flash Hider (the square thing in front of the barrel) separately.
And then if the S&T would break it would be easier to find spare parts.

That Tank Flash Hider looks pretty intimidating though!
I would buy a Baby Monster in a heartbeat if it weren’t for those corny markings. And the high price.
Unfortunately the flash hider is currently sold out pretty much everywhere.

If you’re interested in similar rifles (or are they called guns since they’re small?) there’s also the G&P Baby Pig and the VFC Baby M4.

Do you think they’re the same color? Maybe they used a stronger flash on the first image?

3 choices, help me pick!

1. Academy L85A1 (Clearance Sale) $49

I actually ordered this but had to cancel it because I wanted to combine shipping & now I’ve had time to look at more options.
The battery seems hard to find and a charger isn’t included.
If it breaks it’ll probably be hard to find spare parts since it’s old and crappy. But you know… it’s green!

2. Tokyo Marui T21 Compact Boys HG Aisoft AEG (Dark Earth) $65

This runs on 6 AA batteries, so I wouldn’t have to worry about finding batteries :) It’s 70% Scale so it’ll probably look more like a toy than any other weapon. Ehobbyasia has a up-to-57%-off-AEGs deal going on, hence the low price. Same issue here, if it breaks, who could fix it?

3. S&T Baby M4 AEG $132
The cheapest “Baby” AEG I’ve seen so far. This has common parts most M4 rifles use, so if it breaks it should be easy to find parts. I’m currently looking for a compact CQB rifle so if I would spend a little more money I’d probably pick this. Would probably add a vertical foregrip.

Economically I could buy the first 2 pieces of crap and still have money over for batteries. But it’s so fun to roll around in the dirt, it would be nice to have something small to cradle.

Over all, cheap prices! All guns below 1000 SEK.

Which one should I pick? Any other suggestions?

Thoughts after my first day of airsoft

Couldn’t run in my ghilliesuit because it’s a one-piece like a dress.
Fixed the condensation in my gasmask with spit, so vision was… layered kaleidoscopic waterfalls. Drooping condensation at the end!
Got shot for the first time. A nice whip to the left shoulder.
Fell in love with the game.

I was little use to my teammates, being both blind and without a good distance weapon, but I loved every moment of it!
I loved crawling around in the mud but I’d like to be able to move quicker, maybe aim for some waterproof m90 in the future?
And some tractionstuds under the shoes to minimize slipping on the ice.

Stuff to buy:

Primary: Better eye-protection
Rifle (the smaller the better for fast movement)
Weapon case
All the bbs


waterproof gear
shoe stud slip-ons

I knew this guy (Obama) was a sap before he even got elected. I didn’t even bother to vote. Who’s the idiot now?

you ARE

Wrim Rimbaug
Yep. If you don’t vote you don’t get the right to complain about the results.

+Wrim Rimbaug Thing is, I don’t complain. It’s you idiots who go out and vote and then whine about how both candidates are working  for the illuminati. If you feel that way why do you even bother

Wow. Did not see that coming.

It’s booked! I’m going to my first airsoft event this weekend!
I might need some better protection though, so maybe these goggles above?

Bollé Protective Goggles Tactical X1000 RX
Made especially for us with glasses!
Looks like it would work with a helmet on as well :)

The use of real patches is a sensitive subject. Note that this isn’t about morale patches.

By Swedish law you’re not allowed to use military insignias during an airsoft game if you work for the army (the Swedish army frowns upon airsoft and consider it to glorify war) & it can also be considered “Föregivande av allmän ställning”, pretending to be a a public official person, like a cop or military personell.

It’s a law that you in theory could get arrested for but it rarely goes to court, most people get off with a warning, most commonly young guys driving around with a police sticker on their car.

Ever since the tragedy in Norway I think people think twice before trusting someone just because they wear a uniform.

Airsoft games are however played in a restricted area where everyone has agreed on a certain set of rules. A popular thing in airsoft is the art of impressions, imitating the dress code of a real soldier.

Some have the opinion that you shouldn’t wear patches you haven’t deserved, other people take it more light-heartedly.
Around here people who attend casual airsoft games mix and match their equipment to their own tastes.
Even if you should aim towards an imitation you’ll most likely end of with modifications because there’s military gear that doesn’t suit airsoft.

A good example would be the Stridsväst (Battlevest) 2000, a vest that everyone in the Swedish army uses but no one seems to like.
The pockets are the wrong size for mags, if you sit in a car you’ll get stuck on stuff etc.

I’ve thought about using a Swedish impression but after some research I might just stick to m90 pants, jacket & helmet cover & have everything else be proper airsoft gear.

Now, to the pictures!

I bought a m90 jacket yesterday.
The first picture above is the left sleeve. If you closely you see a darker part where a bow shaped insignia has been attached.
The second picture if the left chest where the last name would be.
The last picture is the right sleeve.

Dunno what to put on there though.
My nick, maybe some future airsoft group patch and… something else.

(You’re allowed to wear the Swedish flag as long as you don’t combine it with real army tags or something retarded like a swastika.)

Ding 100!

I’ve reached 100 tumblr followers!
Wow, thanks for enjoying my stuff!

I’ll keep posting more original content.
Currently this account is on an airsoft spree (& the occasional 12 oz mouse rant) and it’ll probably stay that way for the rest of the year.

If you’re into my airsoft/larp stuff I’ll add more videos to www.youtube.com/wrimfire in a couple of days when my first airsoft pistol arrives, along with some patches. I’m also working on adding stuff to my Swedish army gear.

If you decided to follow me to something unrelated to airsoft, I’ll probably post some of that too.

If you want to get more personal I have a Twitter account: www.twitter.com/wrimrimbaug

I love getting feedback from you so I’ll end this post with a question:
What made you follow me & what content do you want to see me post more of?