Back from pewpew

Got shot right on the lens, good to know I didn’t buy those goggles for nothing.

International Shipping

There are some stores that won’t ship internationally so I’m looking for a middleman company in the US that will ship gun accessories.
Any suggestions?

Speedy delivery!1. Pull off safety2. Put coloured part against the thigh3. Press hard with the thumb on the top4. Secure. Reload.

Speedy delivery!

1. Pull off safety
2. Put coloured part against the thigh
3. Press hard with the thumb on the top
4. Secure. Reload.

The flag on T-Rex’s load out is a nice touch:
His Channel:

Recently purchased: Atropine Injector
(This model is for practice only, don’t buy used syringes online)


  • The most common injection site of administration is the OUTER THIGH MUSCLE
  • For thinly built individuals, the injection should be given in the UPPER OUTER QUADRANT OF THE BUTTOCKS

Yeah sure, no need for caps though. Calm down. Jeez.
Maybe I can rebuild it to function like one of those fake knives kids use where the blade retracts during use. could be another option for a medic system during Airsoft/LARP.

Tjena! Såg att du hade en annons på Tradera på en haenel mod33 men togs bort fortfarande sugen på att sälja skicka ett sms till 0705847600

Hej! Jag tog bort den för att jag åker på semester några dagar, jag lägger upp annonsen igen när jag kommer tillbaka. :)

Stuff I’m waiting for to be delivered:

M90 helmet with helmet cover
What’s imporant is the inside, the 2.0 interior padding to keep the helmet properly in place. The earlier version was wobbly I’ve heard.

Uvex Swedish army goggles
Big enough for me to wear my glasses underneath.

For my med-kit.

Airsoft Snap-on Bipod Stand
For my CBJ MS conversion project. Will fit any gun that has a barrel.

Jag diggar g3an med räls mer. Men är JG ett bra märke verkligen?

Jag vet inte, jag har inga erfarenheter av Jing Gong.
Jag bryr mig inte så mycket om performance, jag tycker om de här gevären på grund av de yttre delarna.

Jag gjorde en tråd på airsoftsverige där jag jämförde olika märken:

Jing Gong kanske inte är det bästa alternativet men man kanske kan byta ut de interna delarna med Classic Army eller Tokyo Marui-grejer om det skulle rasa.

Tack för din feedback :)

Translation for English-reading followers:

G3 RAS black by Jing Gong (JG-101)
350 FPS

G3 Shorty (T3MC51) Airsoft AEG by Jing Gong

330 FPS

I’m selling my last air rifle to pay for one of these, but which one should I choose?

They both look like the AK4 used by the Swedish army, only the handguards are different.

The Shorty would be better for crawling around.

A while ago I was close to buying the longer one but now I’m having second thoughts. Damn the airsoft culture and its impulse purchases!